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St. Peter Parish Roast

Medium Roast

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TasteBalanced body and acidity, smooth with a quick finish.
GrindWhole Bean or Ground
  • 12oz bag of St. Peter’s Parish Roast
  • Tasty gift idea for a Catholic coffee lover
  • Premium Medium Roast coffee, roasted in-house
  • Catholic Coffee Exclusive

St. Peter is the Rock on whom Jesus built His Church. As the first pope, Peter shepherded Christ’s first followers. And throughout history, Peter’s successors have led the Universal Church, urging us to keep our eyes on God.

The St. Peter Parish Roast is smooth, balanced… and perfect for all tastes. A daily reminder that we’re all united under the Catholic Church.

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Product Reviews

5 / 5stars
Fabulous Coffee!
I ordered for myself and the coffee was so flavorfull, I order more for gifts
5 / 5stars
The coffee flavor and quality is good well thought out and done very nicely. The images of the saints on the bags are beautiful. Sleeping Saint Joseph for decaf was clever.
5 / 5stars
Great Pastor Gift
I actually bought this as part of the birthday package I gave our wonderful Pastor. So, I myself haven’t tasted it, but he was enthusiastic about it. 😊
5 / 5stars
St Peter Parish roast
Very good love it!
5 / 5stars
Nothing extravagant but a really pleasant taste.
5 / 5stars
Wonderful taste and a great
Wonderful taste and a great reminder of the Church in my mornings.
5 / 5stars
Great tasting coffee.
My husband and I are really enjoying the taste of the coffee. It's a smooth taste, doesn't taste burnt like a brand I won't mention. I highly recommend.
5 / 5stars
Great flavor will order
Great flavor will order Peter is patron saint of my parish.
5 / 5stars
Crowd pleaser! St. Peter Parish
Crowd pleaser! St. Peter Parish Roast is great for most palates. Brewed a pot while with friends and family, and it was a great conversation starter. I'm very pleased with my purchase and forward to buying more to share as gifts.
5 / 5stars
A wonderful, tasty gift for
A wonderful, tasty gift for friends and family
5 / 5stars
Awesome coffee
I’m enjoying this coffee so much. Wonderful aroma! Awesome flavor. Such a treat, any time of the day!
5 / 5stars
St. Peter Parish coffee
It is a very nice cup of coffee in the morning to wake up too.
4 / 5stars
Good tasting coffee!
Not as good as Kona coffee, but very satisfying.
4 / 5stars
Good flavor and smoothness.
Good flavor and smoothness.