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St. Patrick's Irish Cream

Irish Cream Flavor

MSRP: $14.95 $14.95




TasteSweet and silky Irish Cream
GrindWhole Bean or Ground
  • 12oz bag of St. Patrick’s Irish Cream Coffee
  • Tasty, sweet tones from this flavored medium roast
  • Premium medium roast coffee with Irish Cream flavor
  • Single origin Honduran beans
  • Catholic Coffee Exclusive

St. Patrick is called the “Apostle of Ireland”. Enslaved by Irish pirates for six years of his youth he returned as a missionary and converted nearly the entire country to Christianity, establishing over 300 churches and baptizing more than 100,000 Irish.

In honor of the patron saint of Ireland, we’ve crafted our Irish Cream coffee. Enjoy this silky smooth medium roast, perfect for St. Paddy’s Day and beyond.

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Product Reviews

5 / 5stars
Here’s to St. Patrick!
My daughters and I love the wonderful flavor of this coffee! I ordered one for each of them! Delicious way to drink coffee!
5 / 5stars
Fricken awesome
Those are the words of my daughter.
5 / 5stars
Great tasting coffee!
Finally got to try this flavor. I found it very good tasting.
5 / 5stars
The coffee was great
The coffee was great
5 / 5stars
Smooth and hearty
Loved it! Very special.
5 / 5stars
Amazing scent and taste.
Immediately we all noticed the gorgeous scent from the bag. The taste is subtle when black but as soon as I added cream I could really taste the Irish cream flavor. Excellent quality and will be buying again.
5 / 5stars
Such a great purchase! I
Such a great purchase! I was very pleased with St Patrick's Irish Cream. Delicious and flavorful. A second cup is a must when drinking this blend.
5 / 5stars
Always Great!!! THX!!!!
5 / 5stars
Delicious Coffee
I am adding this flavor of coffee to my list of favorites. It can be enjoyed with my breakfast or in the mid afternoon with a pastry, or even an after dinner coffee. Thank you for offering this coffee, I will definitely be purchasing it in the future.
5 / 5stars
I love it! Great tasting
I love it! Great tasting coffee!
5 / 5stars
The coffee is very good. I am enjoying drinking it on weekends.
5 / 5stars
Excellent coffee
I love the coffee. It is robust a very good. Love the flavor a I will be purchasing more.
5 / 5stars
Yum. Not sweet but great
Yum. Not sweet but great flavor and aroma
5 / 5stars
Gift to daughter in law
This product was purchased as a gift for my daughter in law.
3 / 5stars
Irish Cream
Good coffe, just can't taste the Irish Cream
3 / 5stars
I was disappointed in the strength of the flavor. I got St.Patrick Irish Cream flavored coffee but I couldn’t taste the Irish Cream flavor. The coffee was good but the lack of flavoring made it disappointing
2 / 5stars
Missed the mark
Barely tastes like Irish cream.