St. Valentine Raspberry White Mocha

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Catholic tradition has long honored St. Valentine as the patron saint of romance and courtly love. On his feast day this year, delight your coffee-loving special someone with a 12oz bag of flavored medium roast coffee. The Raspberry White Mocha flavor is both aromatic and delicious, ensuring that you'll have a sweet Valentine's Day with your better half.

St. Valentine was an early Christian priest and martyr who remains famous as the patron saint of love, happy marriages, and soon-to-be married couples. Legend says that when a Roman emperor forbade his soldiers to be married - fearing that married soldiers would be unwilling to risk death and leave their wives widows - Valentine married couples in secret. His soft spot for lovers has never been forgotten.
This blend is bursting with juicy raspberry and notes of vanilla and white mocha. It's a delicious way to show your loved ones you care!

Product Reviews

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Love the favor, great aromaRoy S.
I did not try it yet. I am taking it to church and have Father Bless it before I drink it. I use Holy Water for my coffee. I got from a shrine of Lourdes here in Ohio area.Carol K.
Wonderful flavor and aroma
Wonderful flavor and aromaMike L.
This coffee is almost bursting with raspberry fragrance and cushioned by white chocolate aroma. If you're not a fan of sweet raspberry and stick white mocha, it might be too much for you—but if you like a nice bright change from the usual, this is what you want! I prefer non-flavored coffee but an occasional cup of this is fun.Genevieve C.
Delicious on a cold winter morning
Delicious on a cold winter morning! I am looking forward to trying other Catholic Coffee varieties!Kim N.
Beautiful packaging. Delicious flavor.
My son was surprised by how good the coffee tasted. I ordered him three more flavors.Frank D.
No good
This was disgusting. Didn’t taste like coffee at all. Couldn’t taste the raspberry or mocha either. Wanted to love it but was so disappointed.Mag S.