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Our Lady of Guadalupe Mexican Mocha

Mexican Mocha Flavor

MSRP: $14.95 $14.95




TasteSmooth milk chocolate with light cinnamon and clove spice
GrindWhole Bean or Ground
Weight12 oz.
  • 12oz bag of Our Lady of Guadalupe Mexican Mocha
  • Unique, captivating flavor from regional select Mexican beans
  • Flavored medium roast coffee, roasted in-house
  • Single Origin Mexican beans
  • Catholic Coffee Exclusive

In 1531, Our Lady appeared four times to Juan Diego, a humble Mexican peasant, proclaiming herself the Mother of God as well and the Mother of us all. As proof of her appearance, she left her image on his cloak, where it remains visible to this day.

In honor of Mary, Our Mother, we’ve created Mexican Mocha, a roast reminiscent of traditional Mexican hot chocolate, a flavor as warm and comforting as a mother’s embrace.

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Product Reviews

5 / 5stars
I am a coffee snob—I normally do not ever drink flavored coffee. All the rave reviews about the Guadalupe coffee, however, intrigued me! So I bought it. It is indeed wonderful. I have enjoyed every sip. Smooth, real flavor, just the right amount, tasting very genuine, not at all a "fake" flavor. Delightful.
5 / 5stars
Awesome flavor for an awe-inspiring Lady
I am completely in on Catholic Coffee! Better flavor, Better packaging, Always Inspiring from the moment I open the coffee cabinet seeing the Saints to last sip of the morning (or afternoon)! Goodbye other National brand! Tom (VA Beach)
5 / 5stars
Great taste with a hint
Great taste with a hint of chocolate falvor
5 / 5stars
Unique, rich taste! I’m running low and will be reordering soon.
5 / 5stars
Love it!
You can definitely taste the mocha in this and I love it! Has a rich, deep flavor that tastes great. I will definitely be ordering more.
5 / 5stars
Wow! Delicious Coffee!
Love this roast! Flavors are so complementary! Who doesn’t love chocolate + coffee! I will definitely reorder!
5 / 5stars
Love this Coffee!
I made a pot of this coffee after attending Sunday Mass and what a divine treat it was! It was delicious! Just the right balance of cinnamon and mocha flavors with out the bitter after taste some brands of coffees I have tried. (I love the flavor of cinnamon in coffee and add a stick of cinnamon in my mug as an bonus) It brought back wonderful memories of the coffee my deceased grandmother used to make for her family. I will definitely be purchasing again.
5 / 5stars
Had hints of cinnamon on
Had hints of cinnamon on top of the mocha flavor. Delicious and smooth.
5 / 5stars
Gift for coffee lover
Gave this as a gift to my sister and her husband, who are both coffee lovers. And she loves Our Lady of Guadalupe, too. Will be gifting other bags to more family and friends soon. Good coffee, and an even better way to share our friends, the Saints, with others.
5 / 5stars
So nice in the morning
Flavour was very welcome at breakfast, plus I was able to adapt the coffee to my Keurig brewing machine, so fast and tasty, a memory of Our Lady with every sip!
5 / 5stars
I have always been a huge fan of coffee, but the Mexican Mocha blend is unique and delicious. It is great coffee but knowing that it was created/put together by people who were praying for me, made it even more special. I definitely plan on purchasing ALL the different coffee flavors!
5 / 5stars
Love it!
Coffee is very smooth, great taste, and wonderful aroma
5 / 5stars
The Guadalupe Coffee was so
The Guadalupe Coffee was so smooth and so flavorful and we just loved it! It is my favorite coffee right now. I'll be ordering more very soon.
5 / 5stars
Excellent blend
A smooth blend with just the right touch of mocha and a hint of cinnamon, really enjoy this coffee. Makes a great iced coffee, too! Top with whipped cream or a milk foam.
4 / 5stars
Enjoying my purchase!
Enjoying my purchase!