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Your Morning Prayer Routine…With Coffee

Your Morning Prayer Routine…With Coffee

Most of us start the day with coffee. 

Some of us are incapable of coherent speech or thought until we’ve had that first cup. 

Some of us need the caffeine to get out of bed and accomplish anything.

Some of us don’t need the boost of coherence or caffeine—we just love the morning routine and the taste of good coffee. You know, locally roasted. Freshly ground. French pressed. Rich with coffee oils, creamy-full in the mouth, finishing with tones of burnt mocha and hints of honey. In a porcelain cup. (I think we’ve just betrayed what category of coffee drinkers this writer falls into.)

What’s your morning coffee routine? Does it include prayer? If not, have you thought about switching it up?

If you want to bring prayer into your current coffee routine, read on!

How to Bring God Into Your Coffee-Time

Instead of stumbling to the coffee pot like it’s your savior—and we get it, mornings can be rough; instead of keeping your coffee time just to yourself—yes, it’s precious time, it really is; instead of rushing out the door with your beloved travel mug…

Turn your coffee routine into prayer time with God.

1. Brew that coffee.

Your favorite coffee brand. Your favorite brewing method. Your favorite coffee mug. 

Make that coffee, and when it’s in hand, you’re ready to…

2. Find the perfect spot.

Where do you drink your coffee? Wherever you happen to be? Or do you have the opportunity to find a favorite spot to sip it and relax?

If you don’t have it already, find the perfect spot. Maybe by a window. Or the kitchen table. With an image of Our Lord, Our Lady, or a patron saint. 

When you’re seated and comfortable, you can…

3. Gather your thoughts.

Sip your coffee, and take a moment to collect your thoughts. Reel the stream of consciousness back in and silence any external noise. 

Focus on the present moment: where you are, what the weather’s doing, how the coffee tastes. 

Be still. And now…

4. Converse with Christ.

St. Teresa of Avila said that prayer is “frequent solitary conversation” with the God who loves us. 

It is important to have formal prayer times and spiritual reading, but for morning coffee, a less formal approach is best—make this “coffee time with Christ.” 

Turn it into quality conversation with Him who is not only God, but the friend of your soul.Tell Him about your hopes and plans for the day. Tell Him what’s on your mind. 

Have you noticed that we human beings have a never-ending monologue going on in our heads? Our fallen nature makes us very self-focused. 

Tip: whenever you become aware that you’re monologuing, don’t just try and shut it off—that won’t last long and repeated attempts can become maddening. Instead, turn that mental monologue into a dialogue with Jesus Christ

No more “I can’t believe Betty said that to me!” but instead, “Lord, I’m really struggling with what Betty said to me last week.” 

Tell God what you’re thinking about, what you’re concerned about, what you’re mad about, what you’re afraid of. It immediately redirects us away from self-focus and into conversation with our Creator

Practice awareness of God’s presence, and listen for anything He might say to you. He usually chooses to be with us in silence. Be still in that silence.

5. Face the day.

Fortified by the grace of coffee-time-with-Christ, you’re ready to face the day. And don’t forget to keep the conversation going—ask God to be a part of all your daily activities!

May this routine be a source of strength and renewal for you each morning.

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