St. Benedict Chocolate Hazelnut Blend

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A delicious flavor tribute to St. Benedict. Born to Roman nobility in the year 480, he gave up his wealth when it proved a danger to his soul. Living as a hermit, when men asked to join in his ascetical way of life, he founded the Benedictine Order.

He is known for his Rule of Saint Benedict, a spiritual rule of life used today in many monasteries and convents. He is also known as a powerful and protective Patron against evil after surviving many assassination attempts under miraculous circumstances. 

In honor of this quiet man whose motto was "Ora et Labora," "Prayer & Work," we present a coffee capturing the immense satisfaction of a long day's labors, and the reward of the respite afterward. With a sweet milk chocolate flavor, brightened by hazelnuts, this is a rich and gratifying blend that any coffee-lover will enjoy. 

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Product Details

  • 12 oz bag of St. Benedict Chocolate Hazelnut Blend 
  • Sweet milk chocolate and bold hazelnut flavors
  • Our beans are ethically sourced
  • Enjoy this rich and satisfying coffee
  • Catholic Coffee Exclusive

Product Reviews

Ora et Bibe Caffeam
Very Tasty! Nice austere taste (One might say it has slight Benedictine notes :-)Michael L.
My Favorite Coffee so far
I absolutely love the flavor of this coffee. I'm naturally into hazelnuts and chocolate, but this one is blended so smoothly, that it's a delight to my tastebuds and eye-opening to my sleepyness. I drink this black most of the time because it's so wonderful. It has a very clean finish, there's no weird aftertaste, and the flavor is just right in a black coffee. And like the saint it's named for, it's a humble coffee, because the subtle stuff picks up when you add sugar or cream. Also, I just love that it's named after St. Benedict. He is such a great saint and I've found myself praying and asking for his intercession whenever I brew this. Seriously, this is my absolute favorite black coffee brew. Amazing. I hope they make a St. Scholastica blend at some point to complement this one because they were twins but, we shall see.maryyellott
My favorite Catholic Coffee yet!
Wow...this coffee flavor is particularly yummy. I'm thrilled to have discovered it--and that the flavor is linked with one of my favorite saints--Benedict!Monica H.
Delicious coffee
This coffee is so delicious and tastes so smooth. The artwork too is beautiful. Probably my favorite so far!Megan
After-dinner coffee
I prefer tea in the morning, but I enjoy after-dinner coffee drinks. This St. Benedict blend is perfect with some Kahlua, Creme de Cacao, and cream!Valerie G.