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Padre Pio Espresso Roast

Medium/Dark Roast

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TasteSmooth and approachable. Distinct dark cherry notes paired with chocolate create a rich and unique shot of espresso or pot of coffee.
GrindWhole Bean or Ground
RegionPeru & Ethiopia
  • 12oz bag of Padre Pio Espresso Roast
  • Deep, delightful Italian espresso roast
  • Premium Espresso Roast coffee, roasted in-house
  • Catholic Coffee Exclusive

During his extraordinary life Padre Pio (1887-1968) had the power to bilocate, received the stigmata, and heard countless confessions of pilgrims to his small Italian town. He lives on as an inspiring spiritual director through his famous words: “Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry.”

To honor this great patron saint of Italy, we’ve created a deep, rich Italian roast, bursting with flavor and finished with a hint of sweetness.

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Product Reviews

5 / 5stars
Great dark roast!
Got this as a gift and it was much loved!
5 / 5stars
Padre Pio my new favorite morning coffee.
Wonderful flavor and not the heavy taste you get with most other Espresso Brands Must admit PADRE PIO My all time favorite
5 / 5stars
Padre Pio Espresso Roast coffee
Padre Pio Espresso Roast coffee was excellent! Bold, but smooth at the same time.
5 / 5stars
Super rich in flavor
Super rich in flavor
5 / 5stars
Lovely gift
I bought this as a gift and it smelled wonderful! I have a strong devotion to Padre Pio too. I love that Catholic Coffee honors the saints with these wonderful coffee flavors!
5 / 5stars
I love the taste. And
I love the taste. And it has so much aroma and it's fresh.
5 / 5stars
Amazing flavor! Great cup of coffee!
5 / 5stars
Padre perfect
Always good just as Saint Pio.
5 / 5stars
When I first opened the bag it smelled like they just ground it on the way out the door. Lol. Great coffee.
5 / 5stars
Amazing Blend
This blend was perfect for my espresso machine. The shots were smooth and silky with little to no bitterness.
5 / 5stars
Tastes very good and left
Tastes very good and left NO aftertaste. I like my coffee two cups in the a.m. with croissants. I also gave a gift of St. Teresa, but I have not heard the results from my sister.
5 / 5stars
Padre Pio, Pray for us!
And please keep making this delightful coffee in his name!
5 / 5stars
I loved this blend as well as the St Michael the archangel dark roast.
5 / 5stars
Heavenly Brew
Padre Pio espresso roast tastes very smooth with a rich, robust flavor! It is now my favorite beverage. Love it!
4 / 5stars
Not acidic
I like the flavor a lot, could be a little more smoky and a little stronger. But I like the fact that it is not acidic. Very smooth.
5 / 5stars
Perfect all-around coffee
I love this roast. I haven't made actual espresso with it yet—just brewed in a French press—but it's smooth, balanced, and has the perfect strength. I made some for a friend and she proclaimed it to be her favorite of all the Catholic Coffee roasts.