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St. Peter

St. Peter

St. Peter is the Rock on whom Jesus built His Church. As the first pope, Peter shepherded Christ’s first followers. And throughout history, Peter’s successors have led the Universal Church, urging us to keep our eyes on God.

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St. Peter was a fisherman who Jesus called to join his ministry. A passionate and faithful follower of Jesus, Peter is often at the center of the action in the New Testament. He walks on water, filled with faithful zeal…and then begins to drown as doubt creeps in. He defends Jesus in the Garden…and later that night denies him three times. And yet Peter always remains close to Jesus. He is a great example for us: flawed and human, but filled with love for Our Lord.

Peter became the first Pope of the Catholic Church, after Jesus declared him “the rock” upon whom he would build his Church. St. Peter spread the Word of God in the early days of the Church. He wrote letters (some of which are now part of the New Testament) of encouragement to the early Christians as they worked to be faithful to Christ.

He was martyred for the Faith in the year 64, crucified upside down, at his request, as he felt he was unworthy to die the same death as his friend and Lord, Jesus Christ. He is known as the patron of many causes including bakers, butchers, locksmiths, stonemasons, and people with foot problems. He also shares a feast day with St. Paul on June 29.