St. Valentine Prayer Card – Pack of 3




Nurture your faith with this pack of stunning prayer cards, which feature a breathtaking image of St. Valentine and a beautiful prayer asking for his intercession. A traditional accessory to go with your Catholic Coffee.

The prayer on the reverse reads: Dear Lord, who art high in the Heavens, Giver of Love and Passion, And He who strings the heart's cords, Lead the Lovers this day, February ten plus four. The day during the month of two, When the date is the perfect number of God Creator two souls and two hearts. Some Loves are fleeting, But that which is built on you will never fail. So guide the Lovers to know what is to be. Your truths the Lovers' mouths should speak, For Your truth is that which is honest to the heart. Only this, then, should pass over the red lips of the Lovers. Your art, the Lovers simply a medium. It is only with the True Hearts that You can create a Masterpiece, So let the Lovers remember that their Soul's Desire is the one for which You light their Fire. And let it be You who creates the Art of the Lovers; the art of two into one. Amen.

Product Details

  • Pack of three St. Valentine prayer cards
  • Nurture your faith through prayers of St. Valentine
  • Designed and produced exclusively by Catholic Coffee

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