St. Patrick Rosary




What better way to grow in holiness than through the Holy Rosary? This handmade rosary features strong black beads and a centerpiece medal featuring St. Patrick, making this a beautiful gift idea or aid to prayer for any Catholic.

St. Patrick is called the “Apostle of Ireland.” Enslaved by Irish pirates for six years of his youth he returned as a missionary and converted nearly the entire country to Christianity, establishing over 300 churches and baptizing more than 100,000. 


Product Details

  • St. Patrick rosary
  • Black beads connected with silver chain
  • Centerpiece medal featuring the Patron of Ireland
  • Catholic Coffee Exclusive

Product Reviews

Had a minor issue with
Had a minor issue with one segment of the chain, but it was nothing that a pair of pliers couldn’t solve. Overall wonderful quality and I would happily recommend it.Jonathan G.