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St. Michael Dark Roast

Dark Roast

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TasteBold with mild almond and citrus notes.
GrindWhole Bean or Ground
  • 12oz bag of St. Michael Dark Roast coffee
  • Savor the deep, rich flavors
  • Premium dark roast coffee, roasted in-house
  • Catholic Coffee Exclusive

St. Michael the Archangel defends us, at God’s command, from Satan—who is tireless in his quest to tempt souls away from Christ. But St. Michael never tires, either. He charges into battle with us each time we invoke his aid to resist temptation.

This savory dark roast evokes the robust and indomitable strength of St. Michael, our ally in the fight against the devil.

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Product Reviews

5 / 5stars
Excellent coffee!
I purchased these as a birthday gift for my son in law, primarily because of the beautiful packaging. But my daughter and son in law (who LOVES his morning coffee are loving this coffee. I purchased the St Michael and the Our Lady of Guadalupe. He drinks the St Michael black most mornings, unless he chooses the Our Lady of Guadalupe Mocha blend which he says makes an excellent latte!
5 / 5stars
Bishop Joe Coffey loves Catholic ☕️
The St Michael Dark Roast arrived promptly and enjoyed immediately! Thanks for roasting up such a heavenly blend! Bishop Joe Coffey ☕️
5 / 5stars
First sensory observations: a dark, roasty scent. Taste: a robust, smoky dark roast. Smooth. Well-balanced. I recommend to all who love a good dark roast.
5 / 5stars
Five Stars for St. Michael
My husband and I really enjoy this dark roast. We make it in a French press and it’s delicious.
5 / 5stars
Perfect bold taste and aroma
Perfect bold taste and aroma
5 / 5stars
CELESTIAL Catholic Coffee!
I'm so pleased with the quality of Catholic Coffee that it is all I will serve in my house on a go-forward. Each of the 4 I've tried delivers exactly what is described in the marketing. I have St. Michael Dark Roast, St. Padre Pio Espresso Roast, St. Patrick's Irish Cream and Our Lady of Guadalupe Mexican Mocha. I rarely buy flavored coffee as I've found that most of it stinks. These 2, however, are great; just a subtle hint in the taste and aroma while being excellent coffee. The packaging is beautiful. I bought the ground as I just don't have time right now to grind beans in the morning - but once I retire...
5 / 5stars
St. Michael Dark Roast
My husband enjoyed his coffee for fathers day. He gave it Five Stars
5 / 5stars
St. Michaels dark roast , bold delicious flavored coffee , heaven sent.
5 / 5stars
The perfect gift
Perfect gift for my visiting sister - normally she would use such a coffee for her Prayer Group gathering, right now she can only share it as she sips on her Zoom Call.
5 / 5stars
Great Dark Roast
If you love a dark roast, this is a must try. No bitterness. Excellent boldness!
4 / 5stars
Enjoyed wishing it had come
Enjoyed wishing it had come with a pleasantry of sought, We all like thankyou’s; especially with cost on the higher price level. Coffee should be vacuumed packed. Frater Michael. Haven’t given up on you yet!
4 / 5stars
Good taste
I got them for my coffee lover, brother in law, I asked my sister what he thinks of it, and claims it was good