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St. Joan of Arc French Blend and Tumbler Gift Set

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  • St. Joan of Arc coffee gift set
  • Insulated coffee tumbler
  • 12oz bag of St. Joan of Arc French Roast Coffee
  • Available in ground and whole bean options
  • Designed and produced exclusively by Catholic Coffee

Provide the perfect gift for a coffee drinker with this gift set, which contains a 12oz bag of our St. Joan of Arc French Roast Coffee and a durable insulated tumbler that bears the image of this courageous saint. 

Ships in a premium, ready-to-gift box.

St. Joan of Arc French Roast

St. Joan of Arc (1412 – 1431) was still in her teens when she received a series of visions by which God called her to defend France against England in the 100 Years War. Under her lead, crucial battles were won, and France regained her freedom—though Joan herself was betrayed, captured, and burned at the stake. This brave and holy martyr became a French hero and an inspiration to the entire world.

Our dark, smoky French roast honors the boldness of St. Joan of Arc, patron saint of France. Made from beans that were grown, processed, roasted, and packaged all by the hands of women, this roast honors the girl heroine who liberated her country from oppression.

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