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Sleeping St. Joseph Decaf Coffee, Tumbler, & Mug Gift Set

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  • Sleeping St. Joseph coffee gift set
  • Ceramic Catholic Coffee mug
  • 12oz bag of Sleeping St. Joseph Decaf Coffee
  • Designed and produced exclusively by Catholic Coffee

Provide the perfect gift for a coffee drinker with this gift set, which contains a 12oz bag of our Sleeping St. Joseph Decaf Roast Coffee and a 15oz ceramic mug with the Catholic Coffee trademark bean logo. 

Ships in a premium, ready-to-gift box.

Sleeping St. Joseph Decaf

“Sleeping St. Joseph” is a fast-growing devotion in which we offer our petitions to Joseph, who received God’s messages through angelic visions as he slept. When Joseph awoke from these visions, he immediately took action—no matter the time of day—to protect the Holy Family according to God’s directives.

This vibrant decaf dark roast won’t disturb your sleep, but will let you rest under the watchful eye of St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church.

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