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Delicious Cold Foam Recipe To Enhance Your Coffee

Delicious Cold Foam Recipe To Enhance Your Coffee

If you look around your typical coffee shop, you’ll see at least a few cups of coffee crowned with a dollop of creamy cold foam, making it an indulgent treat that takes a cup of morning coffee to the next level.

And now, you don’t have to depend on coffee shops to get a serving of this delightful perk.

With this simple recipe, perfected by our very own in-house coffee roaster, Chelsea, you can make your own cold foam at home with just a few ingredients.

The best part? You can flavor it however you like! Chelsea recommends adding Nutella for a chocolate hazelnut taste, and you could also try vanilla extract, caramel sauce, or a salt packet for salted cold foam. Combine your foam with one of our flavored coffees, such as St. Patrick’s Irish Cream or Our Lady of Guadalupe Mexican Mocha, for a fantastic coffee treat.

Get creative and experiment until you find your perfect cold foam recipe!

We asked Chelsea how she creates this delicious garnish for your coffee:

“Nutella cold foam is like the promise of never stubbing your toe again. An absolute dream!

  1. Combine a few heaping spoonfuls of Nutella (or off brand hazelnut spread) and about 1.5 cups of heavy cream in your French press <link to Catholic Coffee French Press>.
  2. Stir in the spread until it looks more like chocolate milk. Because of the consistency of Nutella, it will still have visible tiny chunks, but the next step will smooth those out. 
  3. Then, pump the French press until you get the desired consistency. I’ve enjoyed it at every consistency. Barely foamy, more milky, made my whole coffee taste like a dream, while thick sturdy foam sits and lasts quite well on top of cold brew.

*Note: The more fat content your milk choice has, the more firm the foam gets and the longer it holds its shape. Dairy alternatives can work, too! They’ll each just have slightly different consistencies.”

The possibilities are endless, Chelsea continues. “The cold foam/whip can be done with anything. I’ve used chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, I’ve poured in extra sweetened cold brew to make a coffee whipped cream, and I’ve used a dash of caramel and a salt packet for a salted cold foam; it was glorious with Our Lady of Mount Carmel Salted Caramel.”

Enjoy this treat with hot or chilled coffee, and even on-the-go with a Catholic Coffee tumbler with your favorite saint on it

An unforgettable way to enhance your coffee, this sweet cold foam is all the more satisfying for being homemade. Give it a try today!

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